Weidy · High-/Low-frequency Ceramic Capacitor Family of Products

Each capacitor has passed electrical performance testing

WYD (X1Y1 series)

Product Description :
· Operating temperature limit of up to 125 (UL: 85℃)
· Dielectric strength: AC 4000V
· X1 and Y1 grade capacitors that are by VDE, ENEC, UL, CQC, and KC certified
· Coated with a layer of flame-retardant epoxy resin (conforming to UL94 V-0 specifications)
· Auto-insertion type with significant cost benefits
· Available for products with RoHS & SVHC halogen-free restrictions


Product Description:
· Conforms to GB/T 5966 (IEC 60384-8, IDT)
· Linear temperature coefficient
· High capacitance stability
· Low loss over a wide range of frequency applications
· Conforms to RoHS 2 0 requirements


Product Description :
· Conforms to GB/T 5968 (IEC 60384-9, IDT)
· Non-linear temperature characteristics
· Small size and large capacity
· Conforms to RoHS 2 0 requirements


Product Description :
· Transistorization
· Low-voltage bypass and coupling circuits
· Can be used in circuits that do not require high capacitance stability, insulation resistance and low loss


Product Description :
· Minimal loss and low heat generation
· High medium-pressure strength
· Leaded, but conforms to ROHS exemption provisions
· Widely used in flat panel TVs, surveillance circuits, energy saving lamps, electronic rectifiers and other high-voltage and high-frequency circuits

Weidy · 6T Technology Reconfiguring Product Performance

Manifestation of 5G technology
  • Special chip design

    Additional grooves or protrusions at ceramic edges to extend the discharge path and effectively make the edge electric field uniform.
  • Anti-offset soldering

    The soldering is specially designed to ensure the central placement of the chip and prevent offset.
  • High-pressure plastic sealing

    Compared with the ordinary hot melt encapsulation, this product adopts high-pressure plastic sealing, making it more dense.
  • Full-inspection voltage-resistance testing

    One-to-one testing of instruments and products to ensure the testing validity.
  • Marking, printing, and CCD visual inspection synchronization

    Product marking, printing, and CCD visual inspection synchronization.
  • Automated test packaging

    Products are automatically tested and packed to replace manual operations
  • Demystified · A High-/Low-frequency Ceramic Capacitor's Process Journey

    From incoming materials inspection to the finished products, our capacitors pass through 16 process steps to ensure the quality at each point
  • 2raw

    materials selections
  • 5fine

  • 3major

    production processes
  • 4detail

  • 6quality

  • High-/Low-frequency Ceramic Capacitors · Panoramic Structure Diagram

    Where there is a circuit, there is a capacitor to suppress electromagnetic power interference
  • Product Structure

  • Product Structure

  • Product Structure

  • Weidy High-/Low-frequency Ceramic Capacitors · Complete Industry Certification

    Numerous quality verifications, safe and reliable, diligently making quality products
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    Qualification certificate
    Qualification certificate
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