Fixed capacitors for the suppression of electromagnetic interference from power sources/ AC safety ceramic capacitor

WYE(X1Y2) series

Features :

● upper limit of operating temperature range up to 125 ° C (UL: 85 ° C)
● dielectric strength: ac2600v
● X1 Y2 capacitor certified by VDE ENEC UL CQC
● coated with flame retardant epoxy resin layer (conforming to UL94 V-0 specification)
● automatic plug-in, cost-effective
● products available for RoHS SVHC halogen free restrictions


Chips are cast in high-strength press dies, with strong impact resistance, effectively eliminating ceramic capacitor perforation
Vacuum sputtering is introduced for electrodes, contributing to precisely aligned electrodes and therefore a more uniformly distributed electric field
A form-fit process is applied to chip manufacture to expand insulation distance and effectively improve the dielectric strength of products
Ceramic powder with high dielectric constants is used to effectively reduce chip diameter and develop miniaturized products
Featuring properties such as high insulation, superb thermal-performance, and exceptional flame-retardancy, the flame-retardant epoxy resin encapsulation used is compliant with the UL94V-0 standard
Capacitors make use of industry-recognized leads with high conductivity, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, and solderability


WYD(X1Y1 series)

WYE(X1Y2) series

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