Carefully selected, weeding out the bad and keeping the good. employing final elimination from start to finish. Creating anti-interference film capacitors that meet requirements.
  • 500V high-voltage
  • Anti-offset soldering
  • Special chip design
  • High-pressure plastic sealing
  • 222M capacity
  • Highly dense structure
  • Weidi·Anti-interference film capacitor family members

    Each product has passed the electrical performance test

    W21 (CL21 series)

    Product Description:
    · Metallized polyester film, non-inductive wound construction
    · Wide capacity range, small size and light weight
    · Good self-healing, long life
    · Flame retardant epoxy powder encapsulation
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    W31 (CBB21 series)

    Product Description:
    · Metallized polypropylene
    · Small loss at high frequency
    · Low internal temperature rise
    · Flame retardant epoxy powder encapsulation (UL94 V-0)
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    W42(MKP,THB series)

    Product Description:
    · Meet the requirements of GB T 5968 (IEC 60384-9, IDT)
    · Metallic polypropylene film
    · Can withstand overvoltage shocks
    · Excellent flame retardant properties
    · Widely used in anti-interference occasions such as power over-line circuits
    · Long-term application in harsh environments (such as high temperature and high humidity)
    · Excellent capacity stability
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    W41( MKP(E),THB series)

    Product Description:
    · Specially designed for capacitor step-down circuits connected in series with 100~240VAC power supplies, such as electricity meters, LED drive modules, etc.
    · Metallized polypropylene Excellent self-healing performance, can withstand surge voltage shocks
    · Excellent capacitance stability under long-term load
    · Excellent moisture resistance
    · Excellent flame retardant properties
    Excellent long-term capacity stability in harsh environments (such as high temperature and high humidity)
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    W3A (WLE series)

    Product Description:
    · Metallized polypropylene or safety film construction
    · Plastic housing, epoxy potted
    · Alternative electrolytic capacitors in DC filter circuits
    Small equivalent series resistance, can withstand large ripple current
    · Small sense of self
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    W61 (CBB61 series)

    Product Description:
    · Suitable for unidirectional AC power supply with frequency of 50Hz and 60Hz
    · Has self-healing properties
    · Stable performance and high reliability
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    Redefining · Interference Suppression Film Capacitors

    From the material to the manufacturing process, we make careful selections. Weidy offers you the most satisfactory products only
  • Ultra-thin design

    SMD Y-cap overall height<2.5mm±0.2
    Reducing the overall height of hybrid IC components
  • Integrated reel-to-reel tape packaging

    Standard tape size, for easy access at any time
    Replacing manual operation, and realizing automated operation
  • Highly dense structure

    Uniform size and good consistency
    Moisture and humidity resistance, and a longer service life
  • Small overall dimensional tolerance

    Easy to print and mount, convenient for customer design and layout
  • Y1 voltage up to 500VAC

    Can be used in multiple scenarios
    Meeting product marketing needs
  • The industry's first to pass VDE certification

    Certified by VDE/ENEC/UL/CQC/KC and other certification organizations, and compliant with the technical standards for safety certified components
    Compliant with RoHS/SVHC/HF environmental standard requirements, laws, regulations and regional requirements
  • Interference Suppression Film Capacitors · Panoramic Structure Diagram

    Where there is a circuit, there is a capacitor to suppress electromagnetic power interference
  • Product structure diagram

  • Cross-sectional view

  • Dimensional diagram

  • Weidy · Interference Suppression Film Capacitor Family of Products

    Products are certified by VDE/ENEC/UL/CQC/KC and other certification organizations, and meet the requirements of RoHS/SVHC/HF standards
    W21(CL21   series)

    W21(CL21 series)

    W22(CL21X  series)

    W22(CL21X series)

    W23(CL21B  series)

    W23(CL21B series)

    W24(CL23B   series)

    W24(CL23B series)

    W25(CL25  series)

    W25(CL25 series)

    W27(CL21S  series)

    W27(CL21S series)

    W20(CL20T   series)

    W20(CL20T series)

    W26(CL20A  series)

    W26(CL20A series)

    W31(CBB21  series)

    W31(CBB21 series)

    W37(CBB21S  series)

    W37(CBB21S series)

    W32(CBB21B   series)

    W32(CBB21B series)

    W29(MKP23   series)

    W29(MKP23 series)

    W38(MKP25   series)

    W38(MKP25 series)

    W82(MMKP82  series)

    W82(MMKP82 series)

    W84(MMKP82   series)

    W84(MMKP82 series)

    W14(CBB81   series)

    W14(CBB81 series)

    W30(CBB20T  series)

    W30(CBB20T series)

    W33(CBB20A  series)

    W33(CBB20A series)

    W42(MKP,THB  series)

    W42(MKP,THB series)

    W42(MKP  series)

    W42(MKP series)

    5 Features of Interference Suppression Film Capacitors

    1K for 3K, magnetic field interference minimization, 30% improvement of product competitiveness
  • Ultra-thin mounting design Reducing the
    height ofcircuit components
  • Small dimensional tolerances
    Facilitating design layout
  • Moisture and humidity resistance
    Long service life
  • Compliant with technical
    standards for safety
    certified components
  • Product patent
  • Demystified · An Interference Suppression Film Capacitor's Process Journey

    From incoming materials inspection to the finished products, our capacitors pass through 16 process steps to ensure the quality at each point
  • 2raw

    materials selections

  • 5fine


  • 3major

    production processes

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  • 6quality


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