Model Brand Picture Capacity Specification Datasheet Sample application
weidy 1.0μF~60μF 180VAC~350VAC Apply
weidy 400μF~10000μF 500VDC~4000VDC Apply
weidy 100μF~1000μF 450VDC~1200VDC Apply
weidy 3*8μF~3*330μF 230VAC~1000VAC Apply
weidy 3*20μF~3*500μF 230VAC~1000VAC Apply
weidy 0.01μF~10μF 1000VDC~5000VDC Apply
weidy 0.01μF~10μF 600VDC~5000VDC Apply
weidy 10μF~300μF 500VDC~2000VDC Apply
weidy 50μF~4000μF 500VDC~4000VDC Apply
weidy 1μF~100μF 500VDC~2000VDC Apply
weidy 10μF~500μF 500VDC~2200VDC Apply
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