W26(CL20A series)

Features :

● metallized polyester film, winding structure
● small volume, light weight and excellent healing performance
● polyester tape paper for outer packaging, epoxy resin filled at both ends

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High-temperature PET and OPP film raw materials, imported from Northern Europe, and vapor deposition (VD) metallization processes from renowned brands are adopted to ensure high reliability and a long life span
Imported, fully-automated, high-precision winding machines are used to ensure highly precise, efficient and reliable capacitor control
Industry-advanced, 6-nozzle metal spray guns and particle adhesion through alloy process permeation are applied to obtain ultra-low ESR
Fully-automated core spot-welding machines and an intelligent welding control system with inverter power are used for the capacitors that are stable and reliable
UL94 V-0 flame-retardant epoxy resin and PBT encapsulation are introduced to ensure high insulation, superb moisture resistance and excellent safety performance


W26(CL20A series)

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W23(CL21B series)

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