The Working Principle and Structure of CBB61 Capacitors

2023-08-24 11:49:45

CBB61 capacitors are non-polar capacitors composed of multiple layers of metal film and insulating materials. Understanding the working principle and structure of CBB61 capacitors helps us better comprehend their applications and performance.
The working principle of CBB61 capacitors is based on the electric field effect. When a voltage is applied between the capacitor's two terminals, an electric field is generated between the metal films, resulting in charge accumulation on the films. This charge accumulation forms an electric field that counteracts the applied external field, achieving a stable capacitance effect.
The structure of CBB61 capacitors includes multiple layers of metal film and insulating materials. The metal films are typically made of polypropylene, known for its excellent electrical properties and high dielectric strength. The stacking of multiple metal films increases the capacitance value of the capacitor, allowing it to withstand higher voltages.
Additionally, CBB61 capacitors feature terminals and an outer shell. The terminals are used to connect the capacitor to the circuit, while the outer shell provides protection and insulation, ensuring the safety and reliability of the capacitor.
The working principle and structure of CBB61 capacitors make them indispensable components in the field of power electronics. Their high voltage capacity and stability make them suitable for various motor starting and running circuits, providing reliable support for power equipment.
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