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Each product has passed the electrical performance test


Product Description:
· Operating temperature range up to 125 (UL: 85°C)
· Dielectric strength: AC 4000V
· Capacitors rated X1 Y2 certified by VDE ENEC UL CQC KC
· Coated with flame retardant epoxy layer (according to UL94 V-0 specification)
· Automatic insertion type, cost-effective
· Available for RoHS SVHC Halogen Free restricted products
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Product Description:
· The maximum continuous working voltage is: 130-1000VAC
· Throughput (8 20μs): 15kA to 70kA
· Absorbed energy (10 1000μs): 250J to 2500J
· Operating temperature range from -40℃ to +85℃
· Storage temperature up to 125℃
· The response time is less than 25ns
· Insulation resistance exceeds 1000MΩ
· Suitable for UL 1449 3rd Edition SPD Category 2 applications
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WeidiVaristor Advantages

To be the "housekeeper" of your circuit protection, Weidi is determined not to control the cost in terms of product quality
  • Eight advantages

    Adopt national standard chips to minimize security risks and avoid bombing problems

    Various surge withstand capabilities: Standard, High Surge, Ultra High Surge
    The silver-plated area is large, the thickness of the surface is 1.5um, and the AG content is as high as 75%. It has strong impact resistance and no perforation.

    Wide range of variable resistor voltages: 18V-1800V
  • Encapsulated with high-quality flame retardant epoxy resin, high insulation, high temperature thermal resistance and high flame retardancy, in line with UL94V-0 standard
    Passed CQC, VDE, UL certification, 10D/14D/20D passed 6KV/3KV Combined wave test, good anti-surge effect
    Tinned copper clad steel CP lead, no exposed copper, scratches and oxidation Strict process level implementation standards
    Large current handling and energy absorption capacity, the flow rate of the monomer can reach 70KA or even higher
  • Complete industry certification

    Multiple quality verification, safe and secure, make quality attentively
    ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification American UL product safety system certification, German VDE product safety system certification and CQC product safety system certification

    Weidi pressure sensitiveApplication field

    Conduct application tests for different customers to ensure safe and stable use
  • Consumer Electronics

    Consumer Electronics

    Audio output devices, security sockets, set-top boxes, etc.
  • Industrial Products

    Industrial Products

    Motors, semiconductors, relays, electromagnetic switches, Power circuit, three-phase rectifier circuit, automatic control circuit
  • household appliances

    household appliances

    Kettle, fan, refrigerator, TV, etc.
  • communication device

    communication device

    Telephones, fax machines, switches
  • computer


    Computers, monitors, scanners, power supplies, power adapters, etc.
  • automotive electronics

    automotive electronics

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